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CSC+M Group Marathon Special

The 2018 TCS New York City  Marathon is quickly approaching. As runners complete their final preparations of training the muscles and joints of their musculo-skeletal system start to breakdown from the wear and tear of all those miles. As a NYC based sports medicine facility specializing in Active Release Technique we see this every year as we get closer to marathon day. Our patient will say “doc, I don’t care what you have to do just get me to the starting line”. The best way to prevent injuries in these late stages of training is to make sure your musculo-skeletal system is aligned and performing optimally. Our backs, arms, legs and feet are all connected and need to work together to move properly. We address your healthcare needs by assessing the entire system, not just the area of pain.

At The Center For Spine Care and Mobility we offer our patients an integration of services consisting of Active Release Technique with chiropractic adjustments. This treats both the muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as the bones which they connect to.

For the next six weeks we are offering a treatment consisting of a chiropractic adjustment and an 15 minute Active Release treatment for the special marathon rate of $85. Limited to: One per patient.

At CSCM we utilize a unique system of integrating multiple experts who specialize in musculo-skeletal medicine to get you better, and keep you feeling good. This system of working together gives you the best care, and allows you moving and living life the way you want!

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