CSC+M offers the most comprehensive form of rehabilitation by integrating chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. A team of expert practitioners are dedicated to managing your care and meeting your treatment objectives in a state of the art facility.

Dr. Christopher Anselmi alleviates pain and improves his patients’ overall health and quality of life by providing non-invasive and non-surgical chiropractic treatment.

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By incorporating the option of physical therapy services for rehabilitation of spinal related issues, the Center for Spine Care + Mobility’s patients are receiving the best care possible.

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The Center for Spine Care + Mobility includes Massage Therapy as an important element in a full-spectrum approach to pain relief.

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The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow through the body that are essential for health.

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Alleviating pain is our first priority. Diagnosing the root cause of the problem and fixing it is our mission.

The Center for Spine Care + Mobility was founded by Dr. Christopher Anselmi in 2000 to alleviate spinal and peripheral joint pain and to improve his patients’ overall health and quality of life. Dr. Anselmi’s non-invasive and non-surgical approach to musculo-skeletal medicine integrates chiropractic care with massage therapy, physical therapy, Active Release Techniques, and other modern therapeutic modalities. Treatment protocols are customized for each patients needs based on an extensive physical and lifestyle evaluation.

Dr. Anselmi’s results oriented approach to the physical treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries is not a “quick fix” but rather a systematic approach to long term healing. Patients are given the tools they need to maintain better physical health.

Dr. Anselmi’s straightforward and highly effective methods have earned him the only chiropractic affiliation with the Hospital for Special Surgery, located in New York, NY. This relationship places Dr. Anselmi in the presence of the best spine doctors in the world, which gives him an advantage when it comes to patient care. If a spinal specialist is needed, Dr. Anselmi can facilitate the process and even join you during your consultation if needed.

Dr. Anselmi’s passion for sports rehabilitation has qualified him to work with professional world-class athletes, Ironman triathletes, marathoners, competitive swimmers, long distance bicyclists, NBA basketball players and pregnant women.

The Center for Spine Care + Mobility is fully equipped with state of the art chiropractic equipment as well as x-ray technology. Dr. Anselmi’s use of flexion distraction/traction tables can help in the treatment of lower back pain.


Our evaluation and examination method includes:

  • Five Step Functional Movement Screening
  • Digital Posture Analysis
  • Core Stabilization Evaluation and Restoration Program
  • Body Balance for Posture Correction

Dr. Anselmi’s current certifications and memberships include:

  • Active Release Techniques ® (ART®) – Certified (Full Body)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • North American Spine Society (NASS) – Member



Rogue Y2You may have seen the Rogue Y2 at the crossfit games this last week.
As the lines between Rehabilitation and Performance continue to blend getting out of pain is sometimes not enough. CSC+M has found we need to address movement pattern disorders in functional training scenarios to progress patients on the Rehab to performance continuum. The staff at CSC+M is excited to introduce our newest equipment addition at our downtown facility to incorporate functional training: the Rogue Y2. This versatile piece of equipment allows us utilize corrective exercises from bands and tubing to progress to performance training.


pvc-workout-newyork People are using PVC pipe to get in shape

Now you can schedule an appointment in either of our NYC offices online or call 212.475.8104

To the best support team in the city. Thanks for getting us through every mile. You, Kelly and Jenny helped us get across the finish line every step of the way.

MK Marsden and Peter Crosby

I found my way to the Center for Spine Care + Mobility because I was looking for an integrated approach to treat injury-induced headaches. I used to go to an integrated physical therapy/chiropractic care center before I moved to New York from California, so I expected CSC+M to be a similar experience. Working with Dr. Schuman, Jinita, Denise, and Sandra and experiencing their targeted, attentive care is the reason why CSC+M surpassed all my expectations. My experience with CSC+M has not only helped eradicate my headaches but is helping me learn how to control and strengthen my body to correct bad habits and prevent further injuries. Not to mention the facilities are clean and comfortable and the entire staff is friendly and welcoming every time I come in. I would 100% recommend CSC+M to anyone looking for physical therapy or chiropractic work in general - why have just one form of treatment when you can have it all?!

Lauren Evans