Workout using PVC Piping

Looking to go deeper when you roll out your sore muscles? Look no further than your nearest construction site.

Heavy lifters and CrossFit crazies are beginning to opt for hard PVC pipes instead of foam rollers to really get into knotted muscles.

“It feels amazing. It definitely goes deeper,” says Sunny Wong, a physical therapist with the Center for Spine Care + Mobility.

Wong has found rolling with pipe effective for his own workouts — and notes that they have the advantages of being more durable than foam rollers and not absorbing sweat — but he cautions that they’re not for everyone. PVC is best for those with good core stability, great body awareness and a high tolerance for intense massage.

“I got mine for about $8,” says bodybuilder Octavio Barba, founder of online fitness forum OB Nutrition. “It’s much better at getting out knots than the soft ones.”

No matter what tool you opt for to dig into muscle knots, Wong says the benefits are great for improving performance.

“It’s right up there with stretching [in terms of importance],” says Wong. “If you’re active, you’re going to have adhesions in your [muscle] tissues that need to be worked out. No one has a 24-hour masseuse on call — it’s the next best thing.”


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