Herniated Disc Treatment NYC

A herniated disc, more commonly referred to as a bulging disc, is typically a result of persistent manual labor, casual and professional sporting activities or unnatural movements during an exercise regiment. However common this injury may be, most people do not seek the appropriate and necessary herniated disc treatment.

Herniated discs are often extremely painful and can hamper any New York City native’s daily routine. Using over the counter medications to manage the symptoms associated with this ailment is a regular tendency, but one that is not recommended in any long term capacity. Pain is a signal from your body to seek treatment, using something to numb this signal may provide temporary relief, but herniated disc treatment is essential for the real and long term recovery. Images taken in our office can reveal how much damage has been done to the disc by indicating a darkened disc area that expresses a loss of blood flow and nutrients to the specific region, contributing to the severe discomfort and overall lack of wellness.

herniated disc treatment in new york city

In the case of a herniated, or bulging disc, both the pain and condition itself can become extremely difficult to manage over time. The pain from this condition is caused by a disc from the spinal column becoming herniated over time as the result of irregular or difficult movements, as a result, if the disc goes untreated for an extended period of time, it often becomes further displaced both increasing the pain and severity of the ailment. Considering the nature of this illness it is best to seek treatment for a herniated disc as soon as possible. If caught early, Dr. Anselmi and his team of professional and caring physicians can likely offer a non invasive herniated disc treatment that slowly moves the disc back into place. Thus healing the spine, disc and your entire body’s natural mobility. Walking, running, golfing or even sitting will become much easier and your long term wellness will be something to be proud of.

The secret is in our integrated approach to healing which highlights our work towards rebuilding your mobility, resting your body and resetting your movement. At the Center for Spine and Care Mobility (CSCM Group) in NYC, we pledge ourselves to a system of working with, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors to provide the best integrative treatment when accurately diagnosing the cause of your pain and create the most effective and efficient herniated disc treatment in NYC possible.

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To the best support team in the city. Thanks for getting us through every mile. You, Kelly and Jenny helped us get across the finish line every step of the way.

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I found my way to the Center for Spine Care + Mobility because I was looking for an integrated approach to treat injury-induced headaches. I used to go to an integrated physical therapy/chiropractic care center before I moved to New York from California, so I expected CSC+M to be a similar experience. Working with Dr. Schuman, Jinita, Denise, and Sandra and experiencing their targeted, attentive care is the reason why CSC+M surpassed all my expectations. My experience with CSC+M has not only helped eradicate my headaches but is helping me learn how to control and strengthen my body to correct bad habits and prevent further injuries. Not to mention the facilities are clean and comfortable and the entire staff is friendly and welcoming every time I come in. I would 100% recommend CSC+M to anyone looking for physical therapy or chiropractic work in general - why have just one form of treatment when you can have it all?!

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