Chiropractic Adjustment

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Patients experiencing discomfort, tenderness, pain or obstruction of regular movement can make an appointment at the Center for Spine Care + Mobility for a chiropractic consultation and discuss potential treatment options like a chiropractic adjustment. Patients can expect to hear some minor popping or cracking as their chiropractor carefully administers treatment by shifting the joints and ligaments of the patient through a full range of motion, pressing through the restriction and freeing up mobility.

Dr. Christopher Anselmi and his team of massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists are determined to treat all patients with consideration for the human frame, diet and prevention of disease. An integral part of the treatment plan at the Center for Spine Care + Mobility, is the chiropractic adjustment. When prescribed this is a Chiropractor’s most powerful tool to relieve pain, restore function, and correct movement disorders. Our approach is patient centered, functional, and focused on re-activation.

Patient Treatment Plan

A typical course of treatment starts with an examination that takes forty-five minutes to one hour (depending on case complexity) to identify the specific key link contributing to your symptoms. If possible it is appreciated if patient can bring in previous imaging, X-rays, and/or MRIs. Any historical medical record can help us to understand the entire functional makeup of our patent and help us to assess and identify your movement signature. To begin the chiropractic treatment, we examine and discover the ailment, after which we transition patients from the mostly passive treatments for the first 4-6 weeks, to a more aggressive chiropractic treatment introduced during the next 4-12 weeks. Taking the time to ease one’s body into the different phases of movement and treatment is essential for a full and long term recovery.

Chiropractic Adjustment NYC

When visiting a Chiropractor in New York City like Dr. Ansemli, patients will be explained that a full treatment cycle of typically 12 weeks is considered the standard for treatment when dealing with chronic injuries or the maintenance and performance of one’s regular health. Our objective is not to take as a revolving door to wellness with patients receiving treatment, succumbing to injury and consistently returning, but rather for patients to understand the true value in preventative care as it reflects one’s health as a whole. The concept behind our three pronged focus is to treat and rehabilitate while maintaining the advantages in long term life satisfaction and health.

We find patients get back to activity faster with an integration of services. Typically, our chiropractors focus on symptom reduction and mobility. Our follow-up visit consists of chiropractic adjustments to reset mobility restrictions, trigger point therapy and modalities to decrease the pain component. Physical Therapy is introduced to decrease pain, reload good motor patterns, develop coordination between agonist and antagonist muscles, improve endurance, and address stability deficits. The goal of therapeutic exercise is to lock in clinical gains, prevent re-injuries, and have patients return to their activities of daily living. Our goal is 100% recovery and we pride ourselves in our clinical expertise.

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To the best support team in the city. Thanks for getting us through every mile. You, Kelly and Jenny helped us get across the finish line every step of the way.

MK Marsden and Peter Crosby

I found my way to the Center for Spine Care + Mobility because I was looking for an integrated approach to treat injury-induced headaches. I used to go to an integrated physical therapy/chiropractic care center before I moved to New York from California, so I expected CSC+M to be a similar experience. Working with Dr. Schuman, Jinita, Denise, and Sandra and experiencing their targeted, attentive care is the reason why CSC+M surpassed all my expectations. My experience with CSC+M has not only helped eradicate my headaches but is helping me learn how to control and strengthen my body to correct bad habits and prevent further injuries. Not to mention the facilities are clean and comfortable and the entire staff is friendly and welcoming every time I come in. I would 100% recommend CSC+M to anyone looking for physical therapy or chiropractic work in general - why have just one form of treatment when you can have it all?!

Lauren Evans